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i am bored so i want to debate or have a discussion with anyone about power scaling. now i'm going to trigger a lot of people and i already covered this topic but i wanna discuss goku vs superman or goku vs any character you can say. just bring valid evidence and no bs headcanon. anyone willing to join me in this discussion, please feel free to tell me who wins and why. think of it as a Q&A

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The Wall

Jan 10
Goku vs Pegasus... Goku's rectum can't take 3 feet of horse cock, his intestines are perforated and he dies from internal hemorrhage and septic shock from fecal infection...
Jan 10
anyone yamcha level
Jan 10
plus he's taken bigger things than 3 feet of horse cock.... ask chi-chi she knows
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By BasicallyIDoWrk
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