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I'd like to say on behalf of the staff i apologize for the outages. A former member who for some reason hates everyone who isn't like them or sees the world thru their twisted view by the name of kadan wants to see the site destroyed for something I never did. Kadan claims i caused someone who i never knew (and probably doesn't exist) taking their own life. They've provided ZERO PROOF this event actually occurred and only have the statements of a few of their mindless drones claiming to have witnessed this. I don't stand for suicide or promote it, i've gone thru it myself, its not fun. I really just want for everyone to happily coexist here, i really do. but Kadan and the  horny little rabbits who ask for nudes and harass girls to no end even tho its against US law (Singles International is based in the US) for them to have possess such imagery. If you see anyone posting anything regarding kadan or the rafters attacking me as a nazi or something stupid like that screenshot and report them to me at once. I've had these sick fucks threaten to kill me once or twice, I've been waiting gun drawn for them to do it for 2 years and they still haven't done it. One day its going to happen if i remain in the US but let me say this I'm not going down without a fight. I've been resisting their tyrannical ways this long and have won almost every battle against them. So please bare with us and stand as one against this threat to your enjoyment.

Isaac Bellman


Chief FDC Moderator

New FDC Order

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By isaacb
Added Jul 15


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