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Hi any girls
alright, so i have been single since a long time and im looking for some hook-ups! so yeah hmu if interested 
Akap1 18 hours ago
Alright, anyone single hmu, I'm tired of sending messages and not getting replies lmao. So instead just send me a message and we can just chat or something
JakeMohr Yesterday, 09:10AM
hey someone hmu I'm bored af
If anyone like to be friends with me add me and send me a message from how i see it everyone hates me but thats just my opinion
Anyone want to chat with me? I'm a very open person, willing to talk about mostly anything. My sc is takesheitackett. I can't wait to meet everyone :)
JoshTack Dec 4 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 1
Ive been bullied all my life ever since i was in pre k now that im in high school it seems it wont ever stop people think by judging me is fun when in reality all it does it mess people up inside and hurt them to the point they close theirselves off and never talk to anyone ive been there last summer i didnt talk to neither of my parents because of it i shut myself up in my room trying to get things back to where they were before all of this happened hoepfully no one bullies me on here please and thank you 
I woke up with a headache. I could not remember yesterday

I searched for my arms and feet. But i could not find it.

I tried to get up fell out of bed. After half an hour i started to feel them

I got up and went to the kitchen. i had a flashback of yesterday when i saw the used painkillers on the table.

I remembered that i tried suicide again.

I learned that pain killers can give pain.

Herbios Dec 2

Hey guys any body wanna message me ? 

Just be yourself I wont Judge 

if you need to Vent or talk about anything 

ill listen and ill do everything in my power to 

help  you .

Last night he said "if i ur eyes on the tv again i will get up and hit u and i don't care if i leave bruises." this mornng my moms purse was by the bunny cage the bunny did nothing to it but he said " if i see ur bunny get ahold of something again i'll stab its neck infront of all of u."
megster Nov 30 · Comments: 1 · Tags: #trapped
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