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So it seems kadan is still attempting to take over the site, i go under the radar and leave rose in charge for 2 months and this is what happens? no worries kadan has been banned for now. if anyone sees someone by the name of alexis goregirl kadan, scoprio13, andrioid18 and anything similar while having an anime pic, message me at once so i can deal with it. My rule is supreme, max trusts me enough to run the site for him and I don't intend on this site falling apart again like it did under devan and rose.  also anyone have problems with fuckboys or people posting nudes, let me know at once.

Thanks for listening


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isaacb Jun 21 · Comments: 2
.......Im hells sun as Demons claw twords me to be free I blind their hopes and dreams and I watch them turn to dust as I realize that the hell was my own and the demons were all my angles trying to free my soul from the grasp of the sun from hell created by my Demons to hold my angles back from bringing me to my Lord and rescue me from the damnation of my own creation. So I sit unaware that my angles fight and I cheer for their deaths for I have been fooled by the devil into thinking that they are my demons
This is the first time in doing this so I don't really know what im doing but I wrote something and I think it's good so ....yea

I don't wanna be alone.......Not in this darkness that my soul creates in my heart.....While the Demons inside lash out trying to break free but I keep them caged so as I don't hurt the ones closest to me ... But as they claw their way at my soul my heart takes the pain and the damage and it slowly cracks Everytime I think of someone who broke it.....And each time it slowly kills my heart and soul till nothing is left but sorrow ,rage, and pain....But there is hope for you.....You dont have to be like me..... Trapped in this cage of hell from my won damnation and rage.......Be free from your shackles and spread your wings for you should not be a demon caged in a he'll like my own but an angle......With your wings as wide as the world and as long as the sea......Fly from your Pain before you become a fallen just like me.

Sometimes I hate life.when I was 8  I found out I had seizures and my dad didn't believe it ever since he has always said"don't fake being sick" and other things like that and has treated me poorly.I hope he see's his mistake and apologizes.


Hey Guys,

So just letting you guys know, I have a YouTube channel. I just posted a video this morning. If you guys could go check out my channel, that would mean so much to me!!! Also if you guys could give my video a like and subscribe to me, that would be great

I left the link to my new video so you guys can go watch it


When parents don't say anything to their kids about running around or throwing tantrums in Walmart #That'saShame
TheStar May 12
My dad came back to live with My family again after being kicked out. Its been a rough day cause he is trying to go back to his previous ways. Idk how much of this abuse I can take. If he gets worse i will be the 1 that leaves not him. Its been hard on me cause he never told me Bye when he left in 1st place. Then they didn't even consult me to see if I wanted him to be back in my life. But my family doesn't give a Damn about me. They all have said I wish Bryce was dead. I hear them talking sometimes about what they should do with me. They treat me bad and in return exspect me to be obedient and loving. Its just hard.

           Love you all,

                   Bryce Goodman

RoyalLeader May 9 · Rate: 4.50 · Comments: 2

It has came to my attention that there have been some people claming to be incharge of the site and making new rules. All I have to say is that unless its Max( admin) or myself(mod) making up rules or calling you out on whats wrong or right do not and i repeat do not follow those rules ect. If you have anyproblems message me and I'll deal with it. If you want to report someone please be for a legit reason insead of because you dont like them. I will deal with people the way I see fit.  Also if anyone by the name of Goregirl, extreamghoasthunter or anything like that hapens to aper in the shoutbox repoert them intalitly. That person does not own the site or is incharge of it.

Thank you for your time.
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thehighwaydontcare73 May 8 · Comments: 2
Alright, here's the deal: if you're an RP'er, you can hit me up on Skype at mynameisdk125 or message me here for my Chat Step. Only message me if you're a female, you can spell well, and you are detailed when you write. 
TheStar May 7
Hey guys,

I decided that i wanted to try to write one of these blog things. I just created this profile and let me just say, I dont remember how to use this site. I have been on this site before but it had a totally different layout then what it has now. i also recently created another KIK. Cant figure out how to use it. Why do they make it so difficult to use these websites and apps!!!! LoL I feel old cause I cant figure them out! Maybe one of you guys can help me out and explain this (new to me) layout on this site. thanks in advance!


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