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Hello, my name is Jillian, but you can call me Jill. (: I'm a very depressed person, I self-harm by cutting and people tel me I'm negative which I'm trying to change that. I also have suicidal thoughts, but maybe you change that. I'm a creepy person, I'm into emo or goth shit. I love cemeteries, I find them peaceful and interesting. If you took me to a cemetery to hang out, I would love you. I love monsters/creatures and research them; I even have my own website about them! I'm an atheist, but I am thinking if I am also a LaVeyan Satanist. I do not worship anyone like a god/goddess (unless maybe you're my girlfriend <3) and just interested in that religion. I'm a very shy and awkward person; my anxiety is horrible to the point I can't even answer the phone. I'm a nerdy person and even look up brain disorders/problems for fun. I love to read books (romance, horror, teen fiction, etc.), but I also write books of my own and edit books. I love poems, mostly the deep/dark ones; I even make poems of my own. I love video games, but have never played them myself; I do, however, like to watch others play them on YouTube. I make small edits and quotes. I love to sing and write songs. I'm into rock music, but I also like country; I like pop or rap, too. I love horror movies, but my favorite movie is a romantic called Titanic. I'm interested in learning about animals; my favorite animal is a white tiger. I don't like sports (watching them or doing them myself unless it's free style) and I hate the outdoors, but only because of the sun, the bugs, and sometimes the air. But I will go on walks or sit outside in the shade. I'm into telling lame jokes: sexual jokes, dark jokes, or even jokes from memes and vines.
Now that you know that about me, let's get into the basics: I'm 15 and like to date people my age or older (16 at most); but I don't think I mind if you're younger (14). I like to date in person so we can cuddle, kiss, hold hands, and maybe even more. ;) I am sexual, but I don't want that all the damn time; I'd rather the sweet and romantic stuff. I live in New York (not the damn city) so if you live here that would be great! I don't go by looks or body, I go by personality. I don't care if you're skinny or fat, black or white. You're absolutely beautiful! <3 
So I am lesbian as you can tell, but I am saying I'm bisexual just in case. But I'm looking for a girlfriend so get that through your skulls, boys. If you're interested, hit me up. I don't bite. (:

P.S. I'm okay if I make friendships along the way. I'm scared to fall in love again after my previous relationships and I like to wait a while for dating so if you find someone else, I understand. But I don't develop a crush just like that.
JillLove14 5 hours ago · Tags: #aboutme, #lesbians, #love, #dating
look at my profile pic Message me
TannerO Yesterday, 12:32AM · Tags: #twin
Hey, I just want to let you know that I'm single, and would love to talk. I'm not the most muscular, witty, and interesting person, but I have a kind heart, and love seeing people  happy. So if anyone would like to talk I'm (Almost) always here.  In case your wondering, I'm blonde, thirteen and a bit of a romantic. xD   I cant promise to give you the most interesting conversation, but I'll try my best! :)
Vandilor Oct 16
The short time I've been on here I've found a lack of conversation, I just want someone to talk to (preferably female, but anyone is good)
Hey im a 7th grade Twin and im single and ready to mingle im 12 yrs old! just message me
TannerO Oct 11 · Tags: #twin
hey guys, my name is lucy and i  am looking for guys/girls who want to talk for now and i kinda shy sometimes but if i get hyper i can become a handful, just letting you know XP
Ghost Oct 10 · Comments: 3
Hey! I'm 14 looking for guys from 14-16. I like guys who are sensitive and care, and don't judge. My name is Abi. I am kinda shy at first, but once i get to know you I am ok. So like, I like blonds, or brown hair, green, blue or brown eyes. Taller than 5ft 7" and I really want a guy who isn't all about pressuring a girl into doing stuff. I just want an innocent relationship with a nice, kind, gentle, funny kinda guy. 
mendeslover1038 Oct 9 · Comments: 1
Hi everyone! My name is Lucy and i'm look for guys / girls who are between the ages 15 - 17.

Ps i faked my age on here.

I enjoy skateboarding and chatting a lot , even tho i'm very shy i can get a little kinky if i feel close to u. :3

I prefer Asians , Hispanic and other Native Americans.

I have a BIG Asian boy fetish. 

Height don't care really but if your shorter than 5'0'' that a no.

Lu1u Oct 9 · Comments: 1 · Tags: #dating
i have a legit question for females, what makes you treat a dude who never did you dirty and treats you like a princess like absolute trash? because this is the situation i always find myself in.
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