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Breaking my heart tearing me apart.i thought you were mine I guess that's alie .i should known that you were never type you seemed to make me cry all the is blind,love is blind.if I can go back to the day meet I would probably not choose be your friend.if you ask me I would say man.i would staying at my house u say I would always and bounce how you goons up and leave like that when I gave you all i had
sexystar Apr 25
Dreams will come true as long as I love you

sexystar Apr 24
You wanna play something? I'll tell you my Steam account and Nintendo Network ID tomorrow if you do. I'm fine with playing something not on Steam that's on PC as well. I'll list what I have tomorrow.
I don't care if you are religous or not, and i'm not gonna ever become religous.
If you're looking for a TRUE LOVE, be who you are no matter what. 
Was down
sexystar Apr 21
I have a wish but it was never granted. A wish that  I say in my mind when i got birthday or looking at the stars at night. I hope that wish someday will be come true. That wish is hard to be granted, i hope that was only a material but no. ITS NOT. That is not a simple wish bacause that wish is never brought by a money or what but only TIME AND FAITH. 


HCflorida Apr 20 · Tags: wish
Ok. Who actually has a real pic? I'm sick and tired of reverse searching selfies and finding them from pinterest.
Mosin Apr 20 · Comments: 2
runs your blood prresure up 300 ina coma
sexystar Apr 17
A while ago in 2016 I lied to everyone I lied about my life and I said some terrible things. I said things that weren't true because I was hurting lonely and lost, things about me to make my life seem worse and to justify the way I was. Things about others to try and make it so I had control and power, I am sorry. The pain I caused is not what I wanted and I've been so fucked up again since. Since then a person who helped raised me has left my beautiful cousins and I am coming to grip with the betrayal of the only person who I felt actually thought I was beautiful. In my life not many terrible things have really happened I am a spoiled rich kid who knows what I need. And right now I still need help, I still need support and I need to make my hard head listen. I am truly sorry. 
susanaf Apr 17
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