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  • by username, 6 hours ago
    I dont understand all the hype of blogging, I guess it gives loners like me a time to vent about all...
  • Ok so listen up! I don't want someone to talk to me unless they actually eant a relationship. I ...
  • by thatgirlyouknow, Yesterday 19:06
    Well my title stats the obvious. I don't understnd blogs. Hi I'm me. This is a so-called blo...
  • by MIWGIRL14, Yesterday 18:03
    if you guys like pretty music or songs look up vinnie ferra bad for business 

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  • By: Deleted Member, 6 hours ago
    Any photography buffs out there ?
  • By: Deleted Member, 6 hours ago
    I absolutely love movies, anyone else a Netflix junky? Suggestions?
  • By: MIWGIRL14 , Mar 25 2015 at 21:28
    anyone wanna talk message me

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