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  • by Cade14, 13 hours ago
    I like a lady who is open, and who i can have a good time doing whatever with. someone who doesnt mi...
  • Hi I'm Marissa  I'm looking for Someone  im new here so yeah  Iol ...
  • by Addy15, Yesterday 18:00
    LIGHT is hope,happiness,joy,love, and smiles. DARK is sad,mad,low,hurt, and hate. they are never fig...
  • by Lover_Girl, Yesterday 04:29
    For everyone that I talk to I just want to let them know I won't be on here till Sunday because I'm ...

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  • By: Thabi , 4 hours ago
    So the deadpool movie is finally happening i'm pretty excited,how many of the fans of the comic book and character are ex...
  • By: thanatos719 , 14 hours ago
    I am also a grammar freak
    i hate that people can't use the English language correctly
  • By: Katiekat , Yesterday 19:15
    What's up

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