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  • by Stabbybabies, Yesterday 23:15
    Good Evening Everybody I just thought I might post a few things to let people get to know me better ...
  • by starseed420, Yesterday 22:03
    It's like everytime I log on and look at the feed, I see the ads over & over. From the fake ...
  • by drake, Yesterday 21:43
    I play tackle football and soccer. I am very social/popular.I'm really funny and loving.I'm a caring...
  • ive always been a loner never had many fiends and now im starting to feel depressed dont wanwa die a...

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  • By: warbird , 7 hours ago
    i mostly live by myself i wanna make friends
    but i tend to be a #censored# I'm looking to better myself and get out of my slum...
  • By: drake , Yesterday 21:38
    *IN LOVE*Want a boyfriend or girlfriend I made this chat just for it
  • By: drake , Yesterday 19:14
    Hey I'm looking for a girl

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